Swim Wild Breathe Free Sea Swimming for Wellbeing, Hayling Island


Hello, I’m Sarah, a wellbeing coach located on Hayling Island along the south coast.
I’m passionate about helping everyone discover the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor swimming and breathwork.

Whether you’re new to open water or an advanced swimmer, I provide safe and supportive guidance to boost your confidence, refine your technique and enhance your wellbeing.

In addition to sea swimming, I offer courses for guided breathwork and meditation. Breathwork is a powerful tool that helps restore balance and calmness to your mind and body. By incorporating short, simple practices into your daily routine, breathwork can reduce stress levels, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve sleep quality and help you to experience deep relaxation.

Dive in and experience the freedom to swim wild and breathe free.

Please contact me for further information on group courses and 1-2-1 sessions.

Open Water Swim Coaching:
Building Confidence in the Sea
Cold Water Therapy for Wellbeing
Overcoming Water Fears and Phobias
Introduction to Open Water Swimming
Open Water Swimming Techniques

Guided Breathwork and Meditation Coaching:
Introduction to Breathwork for Wellbeing
Guided Breathwork and Meditation for Relaxation


The benefits of outdoor and cold water swimming have been widely written about over the last few years, especially with the huge increase in popularity during the pandemic. Emerging evidence and new studies show many benefits to both physical and mental health. This is further supported by the ever growing number of people swimming outdoors all year round.

Improves fitness, circulation, sleep, immune and hormone function.

Reduces inflammation and pain.

Reduces stress and anxiety, enhances mood and motivation.

Overcoming challenges and personal achievement can help to improve confidence.

The opportunity to be outdoors in the fresh air,

join an inclusive community of like-minded people, forming new friendships.