A little more about me

I have been open water swimming for a number of years and love exploring new locations on day trips, holidays and fun open water events. The wonderful thing about swimming outdoors is that it can be much more about the experience than the time or distance travelled. Depending on how Iโ€™m feeling, I can swim for a while, or dip for 10 minutes. Sunrise, sunset, full moon, birthdays, Christmas and New Years Day โ€“ any excuse for a swim, followed by a hot drink, cake and a chat with other swimmers.

I found that swimming outdoors and the cold water therapy has really improved my wellbeing over the last few years. Every time I swim, I leave the beach with a huge smile as my stress levels feel lower, especially after chatting to all the other friendly swimmers (also the cake!). Both the physical, mental and social health benefits have played a big part for me returning to the sea so regularly.

Whilst encouraging others to swim outdoors, I found many were keen to try it out but were not happy to go out of their depth, put their faces in the water or were never taught how to swim. This meant that many missed out on activities in or on the water, holidays, days out at the beach and also the additional wellbeing benefits. This led me to add to my swimming teacher and open water swim coach qualifications to complete the advanced aquaphobia course. I was then able to start sea confidence sessions, really focusing on helping to progressively reduce fears and phobias that prevent many from enjoying the open water.

Whilst focusing on water phobias, I developed an interest in breathwork and meditation for stress reduction. After training as a YogaBody Breathwork Coach, I started working on developing a course that offers a selection of short, simple techniques that can be accessible to all. The sessions focus on improving stress management, balancing both the mind and body for deeper relaxation.

I feel passionate about helping everyone to have access to the sea, as well as feeling safe and confident in open water. I hope the combination of being outdoors, active and interacting with the community, alongside developing strategies to help with stress management, will contribute to improving individuals’ health and wellbeing.

Look out for my blue pop up sign at the beach, if you see me you’re very welcome to join me for a chat.


STA Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach
Advanced Aquaphobia Coach
RLSS Beach Lifeguard & First Aid
STA Level 2 Award Swimming Teacher
Advanced Diploma in Nutrition
BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science Degree
Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity
YogaBody Breathwork Coach
Clear DBS Certificate
Fully Insured with Insure4Sport