Please read and sign the waiver below so that Swim Wild Breathe Free can support all swimmers during the sessions.

If you have any questions, please email Sarah at wave@swimwildbreathefree.com

Before booking the session, I confirm that I will consult a doctor if I have any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure I can safely participate. Cold water swimming can affect (but is not limited to) heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

I confirm that I will discuss with the coach any pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, or mobility concerns that may affect my ability to participate safely in outdoor cold-water swimming before booking a session. If my health/medical/injury status changes, I will inform the coach as soon as possible. I understand that a pre-booked session may need to be rescheduled or cancelled for my safety.

For my safety and in case of an emergency, I confirm that I will keep my profile details, medical conditions, allergies, and medications updated on my profile with the Wild booking app.

I understand that there are risks associated with swimming outdoors in cold water and that it is a potentially hazardous activity (including, but not limited to – cold water shock, afterdrop, hypothermia, cramp, heart attack, stroke, injury, and drowning) and I enter the water at my own risk.

I accept and agree that I will not hold Swim Wild Breathe Free, or any individuals acting on behalf of the organisation for the safety of participants, responsible and exclude any legal liability for personal injury, death or other harm or loss other than because of negligence or other breach of duty.

Clients are responsible for all their valuables. Anything left on the beach or taken into the sea is at their own risk.

I have read and agreed to Swim Wild Breathe Free’s Terms & Conditions.

I acknowledge that due to the nature of outdoor swimming, sessions are affected by sea and weather conditions and can be rescheduled or cancelled at short notice for safety reasons.

I confirm that for everyone’s safety, I will follow all instructions provided to me by Swim Wild Breathe Free before and during the session.

I declare that the information I have provided is accurate and complete.

(On Wild Booking System)