Terms and Conditions


  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Conduct
  3. Booking Process
  4. Cancellation & Rescheduling
  5. Adverse Conditions
  6. Photography & Social Media
  7. Safeguarding Policy
  8. Child Online Safety Policy
  9. Complaints

Privacy Policy

Swim Wild Breathe Free (SWBF) collects data for various reasons, primarily to ensure the clients’ safety while providing coaching services.

We will not use your personal information except to provide the required services and send you relevant information, session content, notifications, promotions, and mailing marketing. We do not sell any personal data we hold to any third party.

You can read our privacy policy here: https://swimwildbreathefree.com/privacy-policy/


Customers must follow the coach’s instructions before and during the session for everyone’s safety.

Customers can not swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The coach will cancel or stop the session for safety reasons if swimmers risk the safety of themselves and others. No refunds will be issued in this case.

Booking Process

Customers can only book coaching sessions through the online Wild Booking System (www.wildopenwater.com/swimwildbreathefree).

This is important for securely storing customers’ safety and medical information.

SWBF cannot coach customers without an up-to-date and completed Wild Open Water profile and signed waiver.

You can read our waiver here: https://swimwildbreathefree.com/waiver/

For customers’ safety, they must consult a doctor before booking a session if they have any pre-existing medical conditions. If their health/medical/injury status changes, customers must inform the coach as soon as possible. Any pre-booked sessions may need to be rescheduled or cancelled for safety reasons.

Full payment is taken through the Wild booking system when booking.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

SWBF operates on a 5-day cancellation and rescheduling policy. Clients can cancel a session up to 5 days before the scheduled start time via their Wild Open Water profile. Rescheduling can be arranged by contacting SWBF through email or phone up to 5 days before the session commences.

Due to the unpredictable nature of sea swimming, notice will be given as soon as possible if the coach needs to reschedule the session for safety considerations. This could happen when the coach completes the required risk assessment a few minutes before the session starts. In addition, the coach may need to stop the session early for safety reasons.

If the client is more than 5 minutes late to a group session and has missed the safety briefing, they cannot enter the water.

Please see the table below for full details.

Client cancels up to 5 days before session Client receives a full refund.
Client cancels less than five days before session Client unable to have a refund.

A new session will need to be booked and paid for by the client.

Client does not turn up to the session Client is unable to reschedule or have a refund.
A new session will need to be booked and paid for by the client.
Client is over 5 minutes late to a group session and has missed the safety briefing. Client is unable to enter the water.
Client is unable to reschedule or refund.
A new session will need to be booked and paid for by the client.
Client is late to a 121 session Session will finish at the original time.
Additional time at the end will depend on the coach’s availability.
Client fails to adhere to the code of conduct before or during a session Coach will cancel or stop the session for safety reasons.
No refunds will be issued.
Client reschedules up to 5 days before session Client can reschedule the session.


Client reschedules less than five days before session Client is unable to reschedule or refund the session.

A new session will need to be booked and paid for by the client.

Client doesn’t meet medical pre-requisites Coach will reschedule the session when appropriate; this may require doctor approval.
Client receives a full refund if medically unfit; a doctor’s note may be required.
Coach cancels before the day of the session Client has the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.
Coach is late to a session The client can have a full 45-minute session when the coach arrives or reschedule for another time.
Adverse weather/sea conditions on the day Coach will reschedule the session for safety reasons.
Adverse weather/sea conditions during the session Coach will stop the session for safety reasons. Depending on the circumstances, the coach can offer a partial refund or the option to join a scheduled session.

Adverse Conditions

Due to the nature of outdoor swimming, sessions may be rescheduled or cancelled at short notice for safety reasons related to sea and weather conditions. The coach will assess if additional safety measures or restrictions are necessary and halt the session if deemed unsafe. The coach’s decision is final and will be explained clearly once everyone is safe.

Photography & Social Media Policy

Photography and video can be taken at the coach’s discretion.

SWBF will ask for permission before taking photos or videos during sessions.

Why do we take photos and videos?

  • For coaching tools, stroke analysis, and documenting progress.
  • For marketing: website, social media, posters.
  • To record celebrations and achievements on request.

Where could they be shared?

  • On social media, the website, via WhatsApp, and in marketing content.
  • SWBF does not use full names or tag customers unless requested.

Where will they be stored?

  • On password-protected devices with restricted access, in compliance with data protection procedures.


  • Given by signing SWBF’s waiver.
  • Confirmed at the start of each session and can be amended anytime.
  • Notify us if you don’t wish to be included; photo/video restriction options are available.

Changing your mind:

  • You can amend or withdraw consent anytime.
  • Photos/videos will be deleted, and you will receive confirmation from SWBF.
  • Contact SWBF for any questions or changes regarding consent.


Please note that the beach is a public space where anyone can take photos. It is not illegal to take appropriate photographs or film in a public place, even if requested not to do so.

Safeguarding Policy

SWBF coaches open-water and pool swimming for adults and children of all ages.

SWBF has a duty of care to protect the welfare of its customers and ensure they can enjoy the activity in a positive and safe environment.

You can read our Safeguarding Policy here: https://swimwildbreathefree.com/safeguarding/

Please report incidents/concerns to the SWBF designated safeguarding lead.

Sarah Patrick
Phone: 07355389453
Email: wave@swimwildbreathefree.com


STA Designated Safeguarding Officer
Phone: +44 (0)1922 748642
Email: childprotection@sta.co.uk

Child Online Safety Policy

SWBF is dedicated to safeguarding children by setting guidelines for online behaviour, providing staff training, and adhering to relevant laws. Parental permissions are required for direct communications and posting media.

Our online presence will be managed for privacy and safety with password-protected accounts and monitored interactions. Mobile phone use during activities is discouraged to ensure full participation and safety.

Any concerns will be promptly addressed per our procedures.

You can read our Child Online Safety Policy here: https://swimwildbreathefree.com/child-online-safety-policy/

Complaints Policy

SWBF is committed to providing excellent service and resolving complaints promptly and effectively. Wherever possible and appropriate, we will try to resolve any matters informally. If we have something wrong, we will apologise and take prompt action to correct the matter.

You can complain verbally (by phone or in person) or in writing (email).

Your privacy will be respected, and your complaint will be treated confidentially.

SWBF will acknowledge complaints within five days and respond within ten days, including details for further contact if you’re unsatisfied with the response.

Contact Details

Contact us if you have any questions about SWBF’s terms, conditions, and policies.

Swim Wild Breathe Free
Phone – 07355389453
Socials – @swimwildbreathefree
Email – wave@swimwildbreathefree.com
Website – www.swimwildbreathefree.com